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1.  Write down the name and reference number. 

2.  Click the photo of your selected staff member. 

3.  Enter your staff member's name and reference number in the comments box. 


You will be matched with your staff member when your form is submitted.  


We will send you an informational packet and photo shortly to welcome you to the BTCM family!  

BTCM connects the body of Christ with our Ugandan staff.  Our loving Ugandan staff and leadership plays an essential role in educating and caring for the children in our care.

Help support a crucial staff member, such as a house-mom or teacher for the entire amount specified on their profile or a partial amount that fits your budget.  


$44 to $300 per month


Meet the BTCM Ugandan staff below and support one today!

Monthly Need: $242 (any amount helps!)
Ref#: UG-677-S027
Position: Head Housemom
Lorna is passionate about the BTCM children and managing, teaching, and leading the other house moms!
Mariam Ssesanga
Monthly Need: $158 (any amount helps!)
Ref#: UG-677-S021
Position: School Head Teacher
Mariam is our school head teacher! We have about 275 children preschool through 5th grade on campus at Canaan Primary School and she is passionate about giving them the best quality Godly education they can get. She is a strong believer and is married with 3 children.
Lindah Mugisa
Monthly Need: $396 (any amount helps!)
Ref#: UG-677-SWL1
Position: Social Worker
Lindah has been helping for many years. She primarily cares for our kids at boarding school in the next village over, Kagadi. She has a huge heart for chilren and is a vital part of our team. Sponsoring staff touches each child's life!
Monthly Need: $50
My name is Monica Kangume, I am a BTCM day house mom. I am a single mom of 4 children. I am a hard worker and care about children. I love on and play with the BTCM babies during the day so that the other house moms can focus on washing, cooking, and cleaning while the kids are at school.
Ref#: UG-677-HM27
Ritah Nyangoma
Monthly Need: $308 (any amount helps!)
Ref#: UG-677-S031
Position: Assitant Accountant
Ritah grew up as an orphan and was blessed to be supported and put through school by her uncle. Because of her experiences she is excited to help other orphans!
Jesica Tugume
Monthly Need: $44
Ref#: UG-677-HM35
Position: House Mom
Jesica loves being in a BTCM home with the children and helping them grow to know Jesus!
Fatina Atugonza
Monthly Need: $160 (any amount helps!)

Ref#: UG-677-HM37

Position: BTCM House Mom and Storage Manager
Fatina is passionate, smart, and such a loving house mom. She works hard everyday to care for the children in her home and now has baby Walton to take care of. In addition, she manages our storage room keeping it organized, stalked, and mantained (it takes alot of things stored to care for 300 children)! Sponsoring her touches the lives of many children! (Staff love getting lette
Joseph Semekula
Monthly Need: $88
Ref#: UG-677-S037
Position: Head Cook
Joseph is the primary cook for all 250+ children that live on the BTCM campus. He works hard everyday to provide safe and healthy meals. He has 5 children and spends free time talking with and caring for BTCM children. He has served with us for 8 years!
Julius Baguma
Monthly Need: $88
Ref#: UG-677-S038
Position: Assistant Cook
Julius is our new assistant cook. He came from another school because he wanted to be somewhere that is making a difference in kids lives. He works hard everyday to help prepare meals for 250+ children.
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