It's a horrifying story few of us can even imagine...

Peturonia Nzizi was fleeing from Congo with her family. They didn't all make it. Her husband was murdered by the rebel army. In the chaos, Peturonia grabbed her baby. Later, she realized she had taken the wrong baby, but she could not go back to the village and risk being killed by the rebels.


Peturonia fled to Uganda and was living in the slums for a while, eventually making her way to Mabaale. Currently, she lives in a small mud hut with her family. The space is barely tall enough to stand in, and barely wide enough to sleep in. 


Fatima - the young child Peturonia fled with -  and her two other children (Bakar and Rachel) are in the BTCM program. Rachel recently graduated our program and has started a hair salon in Mabaale. Bakar and Fatima are both in primary 6, and dream of becoming a builder and a teacher.


Peturonia and her children are all active in Gospel of Truth church. She has a rich joy amidst the suffering she has encountered. 

Here is the exciting news: the construction mission team will be building a new BTCM home for Peturonia and her family! 

The home will be owned in BTCM's name, and will be life changing for this family. Not only will this to provide a livable home to this strong Christian woman, but it will allow her to be closer to BTCM.  

We Need Your Help.

We need your help! We only need $1,500 more to change the lives of this incredible family. Would you consider donating to help us provide a home to this widow and her family? Click below to donate and put "construction project" in the comments. 

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