Child Sponsorship

Give a child the gift of relationship, and have your heart transformed in the process.


Select the child you'd like to sponsor from the list below. Write down the child's reference number then click on their photo and you'll be directed to our giving page. Write their reference number in the comment box and your done!


You'll receive a sponsorship packet in the mail with more information about your child, a photo, and ways to grow in your relationship with your child.


As your child grows up, s/he may have an increase in monthly school fees. You will have an opportunity to increase your financial support in order to help them finish school, achieve independence, and send them into the world! We understand that you may not be able to increase your monthly financial commitment. Therefore, at that time, we'll find another "Partner Sponsor" to come alongside you to help meet the need so that you may still remain as a sponsor for your child.


GO DEEPER! Praying for your child, writing letters, and visiting your child on a short term team.

One to One Care for Each Child

Our vision is that each child will have a Ugandan champion, either an advocate or a social worker, who will know and respond to the needs of each child. We go to great lengths to make sure that each child has an opportunity to encounter Jesus and transform the next generation.


Each child will learn about Jesus, attend a local church, read and memorize scripture, and live out The Great Commission. 

Education & Life Skills

From preschool through college or vocational training, each child will have the opportunity to develop their gifts, passion, and calling. 

Basic Material Needs

From baby formula, to clean water, to a new pair of clothes, each child will have their basic material needs met.


No child should be declined care. Our kids have access to doctors, dentists, immunizations, and specialized medical care and counseling (as needed). 

Family Care

Whether in our family-style homes or family restoration program, each child will experience the gift of family. 

John Bosco Kabagambe

Child ID: UG-677-0233
Monthly Need: $44*
Birthday: Jan. 26, 2005
School: Stella Maris Primary 7
Story: His mother died suddenly, he has 5 siblings. The father could not manage all the children and abandoned him.
*John Bosco needs $88 a month. He currently has one sponsor. We are seeking one more partner sponsor at $44 to meet his financial needs

Jennifer Kabugo

Child ID: UG-677-0141
Monthly Need: $88*
Birthday: June 22nd, 1999
School: St. Ambrose Nursing & Midwifery
Story: Jenni fer's mother is alive, but poor. Her grandmother brought her when she first came to BTCM and she was suffering much. She loves to fetch water and work in the yard.
*Jennifer needs $132 a month. She currently has one sponsor. We are seeking one more partner sponsor at $88, (or two more partners at $44 each) to meet her financial needs.

Christine Atugonza

Child ID: UG-677-0332
Monthly Need: $88*
Birthday: Born in 2000
School: St. Andrea Kaahwa Senior 2
Story: Her mother died and her father remarried a woman who refused to care for Christine.
*Christine needs one sponsor at $88 or two partner sponsors of $44 each to meet her financial needs

Godfrey Twinomugisha

Child ID: UG-677-0232
Monthly Need: $44*
Birthday: July 28, 2003
School: Millennium SS Kyankwazi Senior 2
Story: Godfrey loves to play soccer and is such a bright and very kind young man. Unfortunately, his mother passed away suddenly, and though his father did his best to take care of him and his 5 siblings, he was unable to and so he and his brother were sadly, abandoned. He is a gift to this family and we're excited about the bright future God has for him!
*Godfrey needs $88 a month. He currently has one sponsor. We are seeking one more partner sponsor at $44 to meet his financial needs.

Naomi Natukunda

Child ID: UG-677-0274
Monthly Need: $132*
Birthday: Born in 2000
School: She will be joining Nursing School when COVID ends
Story: She is the 1st born of 7 children. She was in the BTCM program when she was younger, but her parents removed her from the program a few years ago. Then they became unable and unwilling to provide resources and education for her, so was left to find her own way. She has been struggling alone working to care for herself and pay her own tuition. COVID and her parents poverty and relinquishment of her has put her in a very vulnerable situation that requires her joining our program again. She has a big heart for Jesus, loves to lead worship, and has been focused on following Jesus despite her hardships and the temptations she has faced.
*Naomi needs $220 a month. She currently has one sponsor. We are seeking one more partner sponsor at $132, (or three more partners at $44 each) to meet her financial needs.