Child Sponsorships

BTCM connects the body of Christ with orphaned and vulnerable children to meet their spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs.

Most of the childrens' needs can be met for as little as

$44 a month.


For a little more you can provide a college scholarship or vocational training for a high school graduate. You can also support a crucial Ugandan staff member, such as a housemom or teacher.  


Meet the waiting childen and staff below!

After selecting your child or staff member:


1.  Write down the name and reference number. 

2.  Click the child or staff member's photo. 

3.  Enter your child's name and reference number in the comments box. 


You will be matched with your child or staff member when your form is submitted. 


We will send you an informational packet and photo shortly to welcome you to the BTCM family!  

Rose Kemigisa
Monthly Need: $44
Ref#: UG-677-0162
Birthday: January 2, 2000
School: Light College Katikamu Senior 3
Story: Rose has living parents, but they have refused to care for her. Rose has one sponsor, but needs another in order to meet her financial needs at Secondary School.
Janet Nampija
Monthly Need: $64
Ref#: UG-677-0122
Birthday: 9/16/2002
School: St. Margaret Muhurro Senior 4
Story: Her father died and her mother is sick and weak struggling to care for her children.
Dicken Mugayizi
Ref#: UG-677-0450
Monthly need: $64
Birthday:2004 Age: 13 years old
School: St Andrew Senior 2
Story: His mother and father are very poor and struggling to raise 8 children.
John Kyomuhendo
Ref#: UG-677-0230
Monthly Need: $64
Age: 18 years old
School: URDT Training Institute- Brick and Concrete Training
Story: Both of his parents died. An aunt was trying to care for him, but she has 9 children of her own and was unable. He loves to play soccer.
John Amanya
Ref#: UG-677-0275
Monthly Need: $64
Birthday: 2001
School: St. Francis Senior 3
Story: His parents both died when he was little he lives with his aunt and little brother, Lawrence. He loves to play soccer.
Joseph Kusiima
Ref#: UG-677-0108
Monthly Need: $44
Birthday: July 17, 2001
School: Millennium Secondary School Senior 2

Story: His father left the family and his mom is dying from AIDS. She abandoned the kids July 2012.
Joseph has one sponsor, but needs another in order to meet his financial needs at Secondary School.
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We encourage our sponsors to connect with their sponsored child or staff member in several ways:


1. Pray for your child.

2. Write letters and send family photos:

BTCM Children's Home

Attn: Hedwig Mbaziira

PO Box 37, Kagadi District

Kagadi- Kibaale District

Uganda, East Africa

(Flat and paper items only)

3. Send gifts with mission teams.

4. Go visit!  


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BTCM Children's Home

Attn: Hedwig Mbaziira

PO Box 37

Kagadi- Kagadi District

Uganda, East Africa

(Flat and paper items only) 


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